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Our Services

Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. is a contract manufacturer ready to meet the needs of your company. Our Services include:


Let us help you meet demand for your product by co-packing for you.


We have a variety of ready-to-sell products to help you with your fundraising efforts. 

Private Labeling

We can customize recipes to fit your product line and flavor profile.


Shop with us and discover the wide variety of quality gourmet foods in our store.

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A History of Growth

Established in 1998, Backwoods Food Manufacturing, Inc. began as a small gift basket company called Backwoods Baskets selling at the Cherokee National Holiday and in booths at area arts and crafts shows.  The baskets were filled with Danielle's home-made pickles, relishes and salsa and although it was only intended to be a one-year sale for extra Christmas money, the Coursey's and their partner, Sherry McPhail, soon began experiencing a demand for the product.  This eventually led to a small product line called Backwoods Best in 1999 and the Coursey's built a small kitchen located on part of their personal property out in the 'back woods' of rural Oklahoma. 

Eventually other companies with small lines began courting the Coursey's to co-pack their products for them.  Sherry McPhail retired and exited the 'company' and the Coursey's were operating it only part-time around their day jobs.  Over time the co-packing requests out-weighed the sales for the product line and in 2003 Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. opened a larger facility, again on their personal property, and began co-packing full-time for other companies.  Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. soon developed such a reputation for quality, dedication to it's customers and excellence in food safety that the company became a premier co-packer, carving out its niche helping smaller food product lines grow by providing quality custom food packaging and food manufacturing services for these companies without the requirements of extremely large orders.

In November of 2014, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. moved out of the 'back woods' and into it's custom designed facility in the Tahlequah Business and Industry Park, increasing its capabilities to not only continue to accommodate those smaller companies but to also accommodate larger companies with greater production needs.  To date, Backwoods Food Manufacturing, Inc. is a third party audited company that co-packs for over 70 companies shipping product all over the United States and into other countries.

Backwoods Food Manufacturing has the ability to manufacture anything from the micro-batch orders of 100 gallons to the larger truckload contracts.