Backwoods Food Mfg. , Inc. is a contract packaging company that specializes in manufacturing barbecue sauce, salsa and other sauces using only the highest quality of ingredients for food lines all over the United States.

For more information about Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc.'s contract packaging or private labeling services and how we can help you, read the information below and contact:

New ventures and smaller accounts:            For chains/franchises and large contracts:

        Danielle Coursey                                             Ryker Davidson
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Where to Start

Do you have a food product currently on the market or a recipe for a new product that you would like to see on the shelves? Or perhaps you wish to market some of our house recipes under your own label? If you answered yes to either question, the best place for you to start is to contact Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc.

Backwoods Foods will provide you with a signed Non-disclosure Agreement prior to accepting a copy of your recipe. Upon receipt of this document, you would send a sample of your sauce or salsa and a copy of your recipe and a check for the R&D fee*. Samples will not be made until the R&D fees are paid.  You may send it via registered mail so that you will have a signature showing we received the copy of your recipe. Our Research and Development Department will produce a sample, run the appropriate tests on the product and will contact you with a sample and a pricing structure.

 It is important to realize in this process that manufacturers do not purchase inventory at the grocery store and Backwoods Foods will attempt to get as close as possible to your flavor profile using our stock inventory.

Danielle Coursey, Research and Development
Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc.
591 Main Parkway
Tahlequah, OK 74464
(918) 458-9300 ext. 101

  • The R&D Fee of $200 per recipe only applies to recipes that are made with standard ingredients.  If your recipe involves the duplication of other sauces, seasonings or canned/bottled products, the fees for duplication of other products can be as high as $400 per product breakdown.  Your payment of the R&D Fee does not constitute or imply ownership of the final manufacturing formula developed by Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. 


Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. (FCE #25414) is licensed and monitored through the FDA and the State Department of Consumer Safety. These agencies place requirements on the manufacturing of products that will ultimately be sold to the general public. Most of the requirements are fulfilled by Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc., however, a few of the requirements can only be fulfilled by the contract customer and would need to be met prior to Backwoods Foods manufacturing any product for the customer.

The requirements that each customer would need to meet are outlined below. If you currently have your product on the market, chances are you have already fulfilled these requirements.

After Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. has received written or email acceptance of the final sample and pricing and prior to producing an order for you, Backwoods Foods will require documentation of the requirements that need to be met by you, the customer. When the requirements have been met, Backwoods Foods will begin producing your product.  For questions or concerns please contact Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc.

  • State sales tax permit or retailers tax exemption license.

  • Wholesaler or Retail Mobile License from your State's Department of Health and Consumer Safety.

  • $1 million product liability insurance. Check with your insurance carrier.

  • Product labels approved for FDA compliance.

  • Signed W-9. Download from internet or IRS website.


Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. is an acidified glass packager and is licensed to produce many different products. These products might include, but are not limited to, the following types of products:

  • Barbecue Sauce

  • Salsa

  • Spaghetti or pasta sauce

  • Jams or Jellies

  • Marinades

  • Pizza Sauce

  • Other sauces or tomato-based condiments

Whether you have an existing product line or a new product line, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. would like the opportunity to bid on your products. Please contact our Sales Department (see above) for more information.

Helpful Tips

Whether your product is new to the market or an existing recipe, it is important to be specific with your formula. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. can only produce a good sample if the information is correct to begin with. Here are some tips to think about while you are getting the recipe ready to send to our R&D team:

  1. Keep it simple and standard if possible. Obviously, a recipe with 25 ingredients will be more costly to produce than a recipe with 10.

  2. Avoid building a recipe around a name brand product. Try the recipe with the more cost-effective generic ingredients if possible. Some name brand products are not available in bulk or food service sizes and some may even require a licensing agreement for use in your recipe.

  3. Avoid using pre-packaged seasoning blends such as taco seasoning, Mrs. Dash or guacamole mix as these are very costly to purchase and are usually not available in bulk. Be creative and develop your own flavor profile by using your own blend of single ingredients such as garlic powder, black pepper, salt, ground celery, cumin, etc.

  4. Avoid using blended, canned products such as Mexican Style Stewed Tomatoes or Rotel as these can only be purchased in small cans making the manufacturing process difficult.

  5. BE ACCURATE IN YOUR INFORMATION: If you are using a #10 can of ketchup, please state that in your recipe. If you are using raw vegetables, please give the total weight of the vegetables used rather than a count of the items. (example: 336 grams of green bell pepper instead of 1 green bell pepper). If you are measuring out dry ingredients instead of weighing them, please convert those measurements to weight. If this is not possible, then please clarify your measurements by using the terms such as level teaspoon, rounded teaspoon or heaping teaspoon. Please convert measurements such as a ‘pinch’ or ‘dash’ into weights as the meaning of this type of measurement has eroded over the years to mean many things to many people.

Things to Consider

Expect to compromise a little on flavor.  Most recipe development requests come to us in the form of a home-cooked or stove-top style recipe. We ask that you do not expect your sample to match your stove-top product exactly. The primary reason is that Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. does not purchase spices, tomato products, vegetables, oils, sugars, or any other inventory item from grocery stores or box stores. As a manufacturer, we use high quality bulk ingredients. Sometimes these items will carry a different flavor profile than those purchased in a grocery store or from a food-service provider.

Another thing to remember is that unless your product is currently on the market, the end consumer will not be looking for any difference in flavor between your stove-top recipe and our manufacturing formula as they will not know what your stove-top recipe would taste like. If the product is very close, the consumer will likely enjoy that product as much as you currently enjoy your home-made product.

A third reason is that in the manufacturing process, these recipes will need to be graduated from your stove-top recipe to our 100 gallon formula. All ingredients are not linear in nature and Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will make every effort to graduate the formula from your stove-top recipe to our sample batch, then to the manufacturing level as accurately as possible. Sometimes there are unavoidable and minor variances in flavor that will occur during this process.

REMEMBER: It is often virtually impossible to get a manufactured product to taste exactly like it does in your kitchen, so please do not keep a wonderful product from the market just because the flavor is not identical to what you would make at home.

Recipe Development

Recipe Development will occur after Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. has signed a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (if applicable). Upon receipt of the Agreement, your company representative would need to sign the Agreement and mail a copy of the signature page, the recipe and the recipe development fee to our R&D department. The recipe will then be examined by our personnel, supplies will be gathered and a small sample (usually 6 to 12 bottles) will be made. A couple of bottles of the sample will be shipped to your company for approval of the flavor along with a price quote (please provide your physical address for shipping purposes).

Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will be happy to make up to three adjustments to any particular recipe to get the flavor as close as possible to what you are looking for. Please keep in mind that the flavor profile of some of the ingredients that we use may vary somewhat from what you may be using when creating the recipe (see Things to Consider).

The recipe development fee is considered non-refundable.


Important Information

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement: If you are interested in contract packaging, recipe development or any other project that will utilize your own formulated recipe or process, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will be happy to sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement to protect your information. In short, this Agreement basically states that Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will not, under any circumstances, use the recipes, formulas or processes that you have provided for any other purpose than to provide you with a sample, pricing and any production runs. This Agreement will not protect any recipes that are currently under publication or otherwise have been made available for public use. This Agreement does not protect any recipe that Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. develops for private labeling purposes. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. employees have all signed confidentiality contracts when hired.

  • Contract Packaging: Applies to companies that may need the services of our manufacturing facility. Often, a company finds that FDA and other regulators as well as the cost of equipment, inventory and a licensed facility with licensed personnel can be very cost prohibitive. In addition, this ties up much of the company’s assets, time and money in manufacturing and leaves less time for taking the product to market and soliciting or filling orders. Hiring a contract packager such as Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. can free up your valuable time for selling more product.

  • Product recipes will need to be developed to manufacturing levels according to the size increments employed by Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. (See Recipe Development). For many types of products, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. would carry the raw materials year-round thus requiring no contract for production; however, if your product requires an inventory item or glass that is not usually carried in stock and cannot be used by any other contract, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. would require a signed contract to indemnify our company against any loss that may occur if we no longer produce your products.

  • Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. does not purchase labels; however, you may have your labels shipped to our company for application at no extra charge. This only applies to labels that we can use on our label machine. In regards to scheduling our production run, most customers will be allowed to pay at the time of pickup or prior to shipping the product. Some customers will be required to pay ½ down at the time of the order and the remainder upon pickup or shipping if there is a large amount of inventory that must be paid for immediately by Backwoods Foods. New customers, especially those that are not currently on the market, are not automatically given extended payment terms until a relationship and credit agreement has been established which will take an approximate year of doing business together and will depend upon ordering frequency and past payment history. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will need an average of 2 weeks lead time for all orders. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. provides all containers, closures and raw materials.

  • Private Labeling: This applies to all house recipes that are owned or developed by Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. and purchased for sale under your company’s label. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. has a large variety of products available for private labeling. This type of purchase agreement will not require a signed contract; however, the above stated payment terms will still apply. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. does not purchase labels but will apply your labels at no extra charge as long as they fit our label machine and are present at the time of the production run. Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will need an average of 2 weeks lead time for all orders.

  • Wholesale: Applies to any product purchased by your company for resale under the Backwoods owned label. A wholesale customer will need to provide a valid copy of a sales tax permit and will need to meet the minimum order requirements. For more information, please contact Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc.

  • Pricing and Minimum Order Requirements: Our company has the capacity to produce any size order you may need; however, the minimum order for any particular product may vary from 100 to 300 gallons. When quoting the price, Backwoods Food Mfg., Inc. will include pricing for the minimum order, then the first price break at one full day’s run of the product. Absolutely no estimates or pricing will be offered until we have examined the recipe.